The following files are related to a manuscript currently under review at Genetics.

QTLRel SMxLG F2 and F34 AIL files from Cheng et al Genetics 2010: zip file containing genotypes, pedigree and phenotypes used in Cheng et al 2010 paper. Also contains fear conditioning data and R scripts and R workspace. These files may be useful for learning how to use QTLRel and for performing re-analyses of this data.

MA B6xD2 F8.tar.gz : Methamphetamine (MA) induced locomotor activity data of F8 mice that were bred from two inbred strains B6 and D2; see article “Genome-wide association for methamphetamine sensitivity in an advanced intercross mouse line” (Parker, C. C., R. Cheng, G. Sokoloff, and A. A. Palmer 2011. Genes, Brain and Behavior 11: 52–61).

R code and readme.tar.gz: Program for simulations in manuscript “Optimizing the power of genome-wide association studies by using genotype and pedigree data to estimate  polygenic variation” (under review: Cheng, R, C. C. Parker, M. Abney  and A. A. Palmer).