Manuscript accepted in the American Journal of Psychiatry

The manuscript titled "A multi-symptomatic model of heroin use disorder in rats reveals distinct behavioral profiles and neuronal correlates of heroin vulnerability versus resiliency" was accepted in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Authors include Brittany N. Kuhn, Nazzareno Cannella, Ayteria D. Crow, Veronica Lunerti, Arkobrato Gupta, Stephen J. Walterhouse, Carter Allen, Reda M. Chalhoub, Eric Dereschewitz, Analyse T. Roberts, Mackenzie Cockerham, Angela Beeson, Rusty W. Nall, Abraham A. Palmer, Gary Hardiman, Leah C. Solberg Woods, Dongjun Chung, Roberto Ciccocioppo, and Peter W. Kalivas.

American Journal of Psychiatry2024*

*check back for DOI/links after publication