Manuscript accepted in Frontiers in Genetics

The manuscript titled "Genome-wide association study in a rat model of temperament identifies multiple loci for exploratory locomotion and anxiety-like traits" was accepted in Frontiers in Genetics. Authors from the Palmer Lab (current and past members) include Apurva S Chitre, Elaine K Hebda-Bauer, Peter Blandino, Hannah Bimschleger, Khai-Minh Nguyen, Pamela Maras, Fei Li, A Bilge Ozel, Yanchao Pan, Oksana Polesskaya, Riyan Cheng, Shelly B Flagel, Stanley J Watson Jr., Jun Li, Huda Akil, and Abraham Palmer.

Front. Genet., 11 January 2023
Sec. Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics 
Volume 13 - 2022

DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2022.1003074

FIGURE 8(A) Porcupine plot for Locomotor score, EPM and OF traits. Genome-wide association results from the GWA analysis. The chromosomal distribution of all the p-values (− log10(p) values) is shown, with top SNPs highlighted. The red lines show the threshold for significance. For EPM and Locomotor scores (i.e., LocoScore), the significance threshold was − log10(p) = 6.664 and for OF traits the threshold was − log10(p) = 6.254. (B) Regional association plot for Lateral locomotor score QTL on chr1: 107 Mb. (C) Regional association plot for Total locomotor score QTL on chr1:95 Mb. X-axis shows chromosomal position. The SNPs with the lowest p-value (“top SNP”) is shown in purple, and its chromosomal position is indicated on the plot. Color of the dots indicates the level of linkage disequilibrium (LD) of each SNP with the top SNP. Genes in the region, as annotated by the RefSeq. (D) Effect plot for Total locomotor score QTL on chr1:95 Mb. Effect plot depicting the genetic effect of the peak SNP chr1: 95 Mb with a significant association to Total Locomotor Score.