Manuscript accepted in eBioMedicine

The manuscript titled "A phenome-wide association and mendelian randomisation study of alcohol use variants in a diverse cohort comprising over 3 million individuals" was accepted for publication in eBioMedicine.

Authors include Mariela V Jennings, José Jaime Martínez-Magaña, Natasia S Courchesne-Krak, Renata B Cupertino, Laura Vilar-Ribó, Sevim B Bianchi, Alexander S Hatoum, Elizabeth G Atkinson, Paola Giusti-Rodriguez, Janitza L Montalvo-Ortiz, Joel Gelernter, María Soler Artigas, 23andMe, Inc. Research Team, Sarah L Elson, Howard J Edenberg, Pierre Fontanillas, Abraham A Palmer & Sandra Sanchez-Roige.*

(Current and past Palmer Lab members are in bold.)


eBioMedicine 2024: 105086; published May 2024.

DOI: 1016/j.ebiom.2024. 105086

*These researchers are featured in a related article at UC San Diego Today, "A Deep Dive Into the Genetics of Alcohol Consumption." (4/5/24)