Manuscript accepted in Nucleic Acids Research

The manuscript titled "Discovery adductomics provides a comprehensive portrait of tissue-, age- and sex-specific DNA modifications in rodents and humans" was accepted in Nucleic Acids Research.

Authors include Guilbaud, Axel; Ghanegolmohammadi, Farzan; Wang, Yijun; Leng, Jiapeng; Kreymerman, Alexander; Gamboa Varela, Jacqueline; Garbern, Jessica; Elwell, Hannah; Cao, Fang; Ricci-Blair, Elisabeth M.; Cui, Liang; Balamkundu, Seetharamsingh; Vidoudez, Charles; DeMott, Michael ; Bedi, Kenneth; Margulies, Kenneth; Bennett, David; Palmer, Abraham; Barkley-Levenson, Amanda; Lee, Richard; Dedon, Peter. (Current and past Palmer Lab members are in bold.)

Nucleic Acids Research (2023) Oct 16:gkad822. (online ahead of print)