Manuscript co-authored by Dr. Sandra Sanchez-Roige and Dr. Abraham Palmer accepted for publication in Molecular Psychiatry

The manuscript , "Genome-wide association study of problematic opioid prescription use in 132,113 23andMe research participants of European ancestry", has been provisionally accepted for publication inĀ Molecular Psychiatry. Dr. Sandra Sanchez-Roige is the first author and Dr. Abraham Palmer is the last author; they are also co-corresponding authors. In addition, Mariela Jennings, Sevim Bianchi, and Yuye Huang, who are members of Dr. Sanchez-Roige's lab, are co-authors. This study identified two genome wide significant loci associated with problematic opioid use (POU). Additional genetic correlations along with POU were found including alcohol dependence, smoking initiation and many more.