Article co-authored by Dr. Abraham Palmer and Dr. Sandra Sanchez-Roige accepted to Behavioural Processes

The article, "Genomic Basis of Delayed Reward Discounting," has been accepted for publication in Behavioural Processes. Dr. Abraham Palmer and Dr. Sandra Sanchez-Roige are co-authors along with Joshua Gray, James MacKillop, and Harriet de Wit.

Highlights from the paper:
• Delayed reward discounting (DRD) is a measure of capacity to delay gratification.

• DRD is moderately heritable and associated with mental, physical, and social outcomes.

• DRD is a component of Research Domain Criteria and a putative target for treatment.

• The largest GWAS to date yielded a SNP heritability of 12% and one significant SNP.

• Future priorities include GWAS with larger samples and non-European cohorts.