Complex Traits Consortium / Rat Genomics 17th Annual Meeting held at UCSD

On June 8-11, 2019, the Complex Traits Consortium (CTC) meeting was held at UCSD and hosted by Dr. Abraham Palmer.

The meeting covered quantitative approaches to mouse and rodent genetics. The meeting had three plenary speakers, a poster session, and many short talks that were drawn from submitted abstracts and organized thematically.

CTC talks from the Palmer Lab:
Abraham Palmer: "First five years of the NIDA Center for GWAS in Outbred Rats"
Apurva Chitre: "Genome wide association study in 3,173 outbred rats identifies 31 loci for body weight, body mass index, adiposity, and fasting glucose"
Oksana Polesskaya: "Gene-microbiome interactions in drug abuse"
Amelie Baud: "Genetic variants of cage mates contribute to inter-individual phenotypic differences"

CTC posters from the Palmer Lab:
Jianjun Gao: “Adapting genotyping-by-sequencing and variant calling for heterogeneous stock rats”
Riyan Cheng "A few small datasets in rats demonstrate the feasibility of low coverage whole genome sequencing"
Xinzhu Zhou “Genome-wide association study in two cohorts from a multi-generational mouse advanced intercross line highlights the difficulty of replication”

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