Manuscript accepted in BioData Mining

The manuscript titled "Automated Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis (AutoQTL)" was accepted in BioData Mining. Authors include Apurva S Chitre, Oksana Polesskaya, and Abraham Palmer.

Published: BioData Mining volume 16, Article number: 14 (2023) 


From the article:

We have implemented operators for the encoding phase that demonstrate an additive inheritance model and alternatives [17] (e.g. dominance deviations and heterosis). These operators modify the original values of the genotypes (Fig. 1A) into forms that can express varied genetic relationships, allowing our program to introduce inheritance models beyond those used in standard QTL analyses.

Freda, P.J., Ghosh, A., Zhang, E. et al. Automated quantitative trait locus analysis (AutoQTL). BioData Mining 16, 14 (2023).