Palmer Lab article accepted for publication in Obesity

The article, “Genome wide association study of body weight, body mass index, adiposity, and fasting glucose in 3,173 outbred rats,” has been accepted for publication in Obesity. Former lab members Jianjun Gao, Alexander Gileta, and Celine St. Pierre are co-authors along with current lab members Drs. Abraham Palmer and Oksana Polesskaya, Apurva Chitre, and Riyan Cheng. Other co-authors include Katie Holl, Angel Garcia Martinez, Tony George, Wenyan Han, Aidan Horvath, Alesa Hughson, Keita Ishiwari, Christopher P. King, Alexander Lamparelli, Cassandra L. Versaggi, Connor Martin, Jordan A. Tripi, Tengfei Wang, Hannah Wladecki, Hao Chen, Shelly B. Flagel, Paul Meyer, Jerry Richards, Terry E. Robinson, and Leah C. Solberg Woods.