Poetry and artwork inspired by our research or created by our members!


1) To study a quanti’tive trait,
You cross the mice and then you must wait.
But if you narrow the span,
You improve the plan,
And increase the discov’ry rate.

2) Addiction in mice – how to prove,
If they like it, they surely will move.
To find the right genes,
“AILs” are a breeze,
Speed genetics can get in the groove.

3) If you measure how quickly mice run,
You can find genes which make drugs feel fun.
Advanced intercross lines
Are kinship gold mines
But it’s a pain in the ass to make one.



AIL LG/SM Mice Cartoon – Natalia Gonzales (2014)
Congratulations on the new arrival
Welcome Samuel Palmer! – Natalia Gonzales (2015)

Natalia Gonzales (2017)

Natalia Gonzales (2017)